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Land Rover Freelander front fog lamp replacement LED daytime running lights
Land Rover Freelander foglamp replace LED daytime running lights factory

Model Number: LED-2302LR

Product Name : LED fog lamp LED light special for Land Rover Freelander
Color : White LED

Features Description
The LED fog lamp emitting in line with European standards F3 front fog lamps ( in line with international regulations )
Light source used by the U.S. CREE company Power LED lamp beads ( life assurance )
Join LED guide light type running lights ( enhancements )
After cooling the whole metal shell ( guarantee LED heat problem )
Power is the original halogen fog lamps power 1 /5
Two performance parameters:
9-16V input voltage range
Power: 15W
Color : A 5000K-6000K B 3000K-4000K
Flux : 1000M above
Life : 20000h more
Waterproof grade : IP67
Operating temperature range : -40 ° C-80 ° C
About installation:
Direct and original car fog lights line butt
Product function:
1) authentic, special car .
2) imported chips and LED lights are produced using high- quality high-tech specifications
3) LED lights safety and long service life , at least in the more than 20,000 hours .
4) light penetration, so that the vehicle in front and passers easy to detect .

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