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2016 BMW S1000RR, This bike has both standard and premium packages. Below

is what BMW has to say. Conquer the roads - on the BMW S 1000 R. A

roadster, reduced to the essentials: maximum performance. 160 bhp, 83

lb/ft torque and a power-to-weight ratio of 2.85 pounds per bhp - and the

competition disappears in the rear mirror. Linear power: the engine. The

high-performance 4-cylinder in-line engine derives from the RR but has

now been further optimized. The result: extremely linear torque delivery

for constant forward drive across the entire engine rev range. The engine

of the S 1000 R has an output of 160 bhp/118 kW at 11,000 rpm, while a

maximum of 83 lb/ft torque at 9,250 rpm puts a smile on the rider's face

at every twist of the throttle. Ready for attack: the design. ,

contact me via whatsapp at +237678009605 if interested

Phone: +966505267443

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