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USED!!! Massey Ferguson/John Deree/Cat/ whatapp : +17196006709 @halfprice

Dave&Son USED Equipment Exporters, based in the United States, distributes and exports globally, new and used construction, agriculture, forestry, forest 

care, landscaping, and lawn care. The company also has a range of brands including  tractors, forklift, mini excavators, generators, caravan, 

containersBlount, Knox, Bobcat, Case, Carlton, Caterpillar, Daewoo, Dynapac, Hitachi, Ingersoll-Rand, DynCorp, Ford, GMC, Hyundai, Newhalland,MF, Vermeer 

and Volvo just for the tip of the iceberg.

Trusted Sellers, Guarantee Purchase & Safe Delivery/Shipping via Land or Sea. 

///whatapp : +17196006709

JCB 3CX backhoe
Hitachi ex60 track excavate 
2009 CAT 160M Motor Grader 
1993 Caterpillar 330L Track Excavator 
2005 Caterpillar 140H APM02108 Motor Grader
1995 Cat 966F-II Wheel Loader
2001 #CAT 330BL #Excavator 
wheel loader komatsu WA470-3
JCB 4CX backhoe loader

2000 Massey Ferguson Tractor 8120, 4WD Diesel 135HP. ($10,243.75USD)
2001 Massey Ferguson Tractor 4255, 4WD Diesel 95HP.  ($9,641.76USD)
2002 Massey Ferguson Tractor 451, Loader 4WD 52HP    ($7,180.31USD)
2002 Massey Ferguson 7475 Tractor, 4WD Diesel 135HP  ($11,297.24USD)
2005 Massey Ferguson Tractor 5455, 4WD Diesel 95HP.  ($10,093.26USD)
2005 Massey Ferguson Tractor 6490, 4WD Diesel 155HP. ($12,877.47USD)
2006 Massey Ferguson Tractor 492, 4WD Diesel 99HP.   ($7,631.80USD)
2008 Massey Ferguson Tractor 7475, 4WD Diesel 150HP. ($15,887.43USD)
2008 Massey Ferguson Tractor 6490, 4WD Diesel 155HP. ($18,929.12USD)
2013 Massey Ferguson Tractor 7616, 4WD Diesel 150HP. ($17,897.39USD)
2013 Massey Ferguson 6470 Tractor 4WD, Diesel 135HP. ($13,006.21USD)
2014 Massey Ferguson Tractor 5610, 4WD Diesel 100HP. ($15,887.43USD)
1995 Massey Ferguson Tractor 168, 2WD Diesel 69HP. ($4,020.35USD
1997 Massey Ferguson Tractor 178, 2WD Diesel 73HP. ($4,170.86USD)
1997 Massey Ferguson Tractor 188, 2WD Diesel 75HP. ($4,246.12USD)
1999 Massey Ferguson Tractor 240, 2WD Diesel 48HP. ($3,719.33USD)
1995 Massey Ferguson Tractor 265, 2WD Diesel 60HP. ($2,966.78USD)
1999 Massey Ferguson Tractor 265, 2WD Diesel 60HP. ($4,697.65USD)
1998 Massey Ferguson Tractor 275, 2WD Diesel 70HP. ($4,998.67USD)
1999 Massey Ferguson Tractor 290, 2WD Diesel 78HP. ($5,149.18USD)
1995 Massey Ferguson Tractor 390, 2WD Diesel 80HP. ($5,869.84USD).
1998 Massey Ferguson Tractor 342, 2WD Diesel 50HP. ($2,891.52USD)
1995 Massey Ferguson Tractor 590, 2WD Diesel 75HP. ($5,374.95USD)
1999 Massey Ferguson Tractor 595, 2WD Diesel 86HP. ($5,976.99USD)
1994 Massey Ferguson Tractor 690, 2WD Diesel 80HP. ($5,826.48USD)

2007 New Holland TM 155 Tractor, 4WD Diesel 155HP ($10,887.32USD)
2008 New Holland Tractor T6080, 4WD Diesel 155HP  ($10,262.64USD)
2009 New Holland T6030 Tractor, 4WD Diesel 115HP  ($9,356.61USD)
2010 New Holland T6020 Tractor Loader, 4WD Diesel 110HP ($9,661.22USD)
2012 New Holland T7.250 Tractor, 4WD Diesel 197HP ($11,527.68USD)
2013 New Holland Tractor T5.105, 4WD Diesel 106HP ($9,715.86USD)
2013 New Holland Tractor T7.200, 4WD Diesel 130HP ($10,496.92USD)

1999 John Deere Tractor 6210 SE, 4WD Diesel 90HP.($3,680.52USD)
2000 John Deere Tractor 6910, 4WD Diesel 140HP.  ($4,864.82USD)
2002 John Deere Tractor 6820, 4WD Diesel 135HP.  ($8,678.65USD)
2008 John Deere Loader Tractor 2520, 2/4WD Diesel 26HP.($2,033.13USD)
2009 John Deere Tractor 6930, 4WD Diesel 155HP.  ($8,883.58USD)
2010 John Deere Tractor 7930, 4WD Diesel 180HP.  ($9,134.21USD)
2013 John Deere 6115M Tractor, 4WD Diesel 106HP. ($9,059.49USD)

1986 Ford 6600 Tractor 4WD, Diesel 75HP.     ($2,479.34USD)
1992 Ford 7840 SLE Tractor 4WD, Diesel 99HP. ($4,469.23USD)
1995 Ford 7810 III Tractor 4WD, Diesel 90HP. ($5,078.11USD)
1995 Ford 7840 SL DP Tractor 4WD Diesel, 100HP.($5,399.59USD)
1992 Ford 3930 Tractor Loader 2WD, Diesel 99HP.($4,407.88USD)
1994 Ford 7740 SLE Tractor 4WD, Diesel 86HP. ($4,712.22USD)
1995 Ford 8340 Tractor 4WD, Diesel 106HP.    ($5,627.54USD)
1997 Ford 5635 Tractor 2WD, Diesel 74HP.     ($4,940.46USD)

1992 Fiat 130-99 DT Tractor 4WD, Diesel 130HP  ($7,012.65USD)
1990 Fiat 80-90 DT Tractor 4WD, Diesel 80HP    ($3,844.11USD)
1989 Fiat 110-90 DT Tractor 4WD, Diesel 110HP  ($5,815.63USD)
1991 Fiat 70-66 Tractor 4WD, Diesel 69HP       ($3,562.38USD)
1998 Fiat F-130 Tractor 4WD, Diesel 130HP      ($7,505.38USD)
1992 Fiat 670 Tractor 2WD, Diesel 67HP.        ($2,042.05USD)
1993 Fiat 680 DT Tractor 4WD, Diesel 68HP.     ($2,194.58USD)
1987 Fiat 80-66 DT Tractor 4WD, Diesel 80HP.   ($3,643.64USD)
1995 Fiat 100-90 DT Tractor 4WD, Diesel 100HP. ($4,253.65USD)
1995 Fiat 82-94 DT Tractor 4WD, Diesel 80HP.   ($3,749.12USD)

Other mark of tractors are available for sale ASK US!!!

///whatapp  : +17196006709

///Email    :

///Contact  : Mr David

Phone: 982290785

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