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White Shiny Blank Mugs

  • Product Code: 147-D
Regular Price : AED 2.30

Promotional White Sublimation Mugs :

  • White Blank Mugs 147-D
  • Size: 95 x 80 mm
  • Printing options: Sublimation Printing
  • Availability: White (Shiny)
  • Supplementary suggestion: Mug Packing Box.





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Code Image Product Name In Stock MOQ Enter Qty(Pcs) Total Price
147-D-AAA White Blank Ceramic Mugs 147-D White Shiny Blank Ceramic Mugs 147-D-AAA 46399 36

169 Curve Edge Mug White 10 oz Curve Edge Mug White 10 oz 1052 36

148 Sublimation Mugs  White Sublimation Mugs White 836 36

154 Sublimation Mugs 6 oz Sublimation Mugs 6 oz 965 48

155 Straight Edge Sublimation Mugs White Straight Edge Sublimation Mugs White 461 36

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This Sublimation Coated Ceramic Mug we're presenting is one of very famous products from us. These sublimation mugs having a height of 115mm and a diameter of 85 mm that gives a huge space for printing. People love having such shaded mugs and such products become a great dealr that we assue. The new sublimation mug is coated with Orca 2 sublimation coating which is the best and latest coating.

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Packaging Details

 Code  InStock  Product Name  Item Weight  Pieces in Pack  Carton Weight  Carton Size
  147-D-AAA   46399   White Shiny Blank Ceramic Mugs 147-D-AAA   0.375   36   13.5 kg   42x27x31 cm
  169   1052   Curve Edge Mug White 10 oz   0.319   36   11.6 kg   37x25x34 cm
  148   836   Sublimation Mugs White   0.519   36   18.7 kg   44x39.5x38.5 cm
  154   965   Sublimation Mugs 6 oz   0.247   48   11.9 kg   40x32x25 cm
  155   461   Straight Edge Sublimation Mugs White   0.313   36   11.3 kg   37x25x34 cm