Our Background

Our Background

Our Background

Our Background 126 years of Excellent Services

  Elzit is the company that provides you with the best-customized shopping experience with a wide range of products as well as services. We have thousands of trusted clients who choose us over anyone else and we are proud to serve them. Our customers are our priority of ours. The mission is to be the transfiguration partner of choice around the globe for clients determined to succeed in a rapidly changing world so that together we create the future of business. We offer over 1 million different promotional gifts and giveaways printed to you and your customers worldwide.

We manufacture every product with your branding for you with your logo per your request. We have in house production and printing department with a huge range of products with different finishes.
Contact us and our sales team will take care of all your needs and requirements i.e from manufacturing to printing and delivery with the best prices in the market. 
We print your promotional gift items with your logo or design and deliver them to you at exhibition halls and expos.
We can print your flyers, catalogs, business cards, roll-ups, banners, business cards, and many more products and deliver them to you for your event, conference, exhibition, meeting, or any other occasion.

Elzit makes sure that you get quality products at reasonable prices. We make sure to be helpful to your businesses and following are some steps we follow:

1. Elzit  Advertising Gift Supply (Import and Export)
Elzit Advertising offers promotional gift items, giveaways, corporate gift items, branded and customized advertising products, and items starting from low quality and prices up to high-class products and items.

2. Elzit Marketing & Advertising
Elzit Marketing & advertising offers exhibition advertising, presentation products, advertising for your brand and company, advertising items, and many more.

3. Elzit Manufacturing
Elzit Manufacturing offers to convert your idea into a product. Do You have a product idea? Don't worry, we can work together to bring your idea to reality. Our experts from different sectors will join you to help you execute the whole process. If you are a business startup or a giant corporation, we can assist you in achieving your goals.  We usually work on the below workflow 
Idea--> Evaluation-->Design--->Prototype---> Mass Production

4. Elzit Printing Company
Our Printing agency offers all types of printing advertising products, such as Flyers, catalogs, business cards, Brochures, stickers, envelopes, letterheads, and many other products.

5. Elzit IT & Online services
Besides our advertising, promotional gift items, branded giveaways, customized promotional gifts, and corporate gift items, we also offer web design services, Web development, app development, content writing, google advertising, social media advertising and management, SEO – Google optimization, and many more online services.

At Elzit Group, we only believe in Customer Satisfaction. All the services that we provide are redirected towards it. We are one of the biggest e-commerce platforms for robotics modules and tools. We have a huge array of technicians and engineers who dedicatedly work 24X7 to avail the system at our buyer's disposal. We work on a very interactive system that enables our customers to be updated profoundly throughout the life-cycle of their order. Our products are widely known, appreciated, and demanded for their long-lasting nature, reliability, ease of operation, and robust construction. Our products are manufactured maintaining the credibility of international standards. At ELZIT we believe quality is everything and we are offering 100% product quality.



1. Pre-Sales Services

We inquire for you about logo customization, cargo reserve volume, shipping time, and cost. 

2. In-Sales Service
After receiving the order, we follow up the customer's demand and order completion in time. 

3. After-Sales Service 
After the customer receives the goods, we follow up with the customer and guide the products to be assembled.


Corporate Social Responsibility

It's not all about sales, profit margins, and business when it comes to being a great company. At Elzit, we're committed to fostering a culture of Inclusion & Diversity so that our business partners can bring their selves to business, supporting the communities that we and our customers are a part of, creating opportunities to help diverse businesses grow, and providing eco-friendly products and solutions for our customers while responsibly operating our business.



Elzit's employees are passionate about getting involved in community efforts and are always looking for new ways to give back.



It is central to who we are that we embrace inclusion and diversity (I&D). I&D is incorporated into everything we do, whether you join our team or purchase our products — from finding and attracting top talent to boosting morale and enhancing customer and supplier relationships. Additionally, we offer ten Business Resource Groups where our employees can share knowledge and deepen their connections in an environment that is safe and brave.

As a company that values strong relationships with both clients and employees, we understand the significance of leaving a lasting impression through memorable gifts. Our newly introduced surface pattern design resource offers a vast selection of unique and stylish designs that are ideal for corporate gifting purposes. Choose from over 3000+ designs, ranging from contemporary and understated to abstract and artistic, suitable for various products such as stationery, apparel, and accessories. We also provide gift wrap, fabric, and wallpaper that can be conveniently ordered through our website, as well as custom designs tailored to your specific needs.

Thank you for considering us as your resource. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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