G3 is a multi-biometric identification terminal which features ZKTeco’s innovation Silk ID fingerprint sensor technology. With the world’s cutting-edge 3D Neuron Fingerprint Algorithm, it precisely authenticates dry, wet, or rough fingerprints efficiently and accurately.
Infrared technology enables the device to function automatically when fingerprints are detected. With the latest facial algorithm, it supports fake face detection.

  • Modern Design & Interactive UI
  • Revolutionary SilkID Fingerprint Sensor
  • Simple Management & Scalability
  • Multiple Verification Modes:
  • Face / Fingerprint / Card /
  • Password
  • Outstanding Performance With Dry, Wet, and Rough FingersG3Option

 G3 Multi-Biometric Time Attendance Machine

8. **Real-time Monitoring:**
   - The device may offer real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing administrators to track attendance and access in real-time. This feature can be particularly useful for immediate decision-making and security management.
9. **Integration with HR Systems:**
   - The attendance machine might be designed to integrate seamlessly with Human Resources (HR) systems. This integration can simplify payroll processing and overall workforce management.
10. **Customizable Reporting:**
    - The accompanying software may provide customizable reporting tools, allowing administrators to generate various reports related to attendance, working hours, and other relevant metrics.
11. **Compliance and Regulations:**
    - The system might be designed to comply with industry regulations and standards related to data privacy and security, ensuring that sensitive biometric information is handled appropriately.
12. **Remote Access and Control:**
    - Depending on the specifications, the device may offer remote access and control features. This could include the ability to manage settings, view reports, and monitor attendance from a remote location.
13. **Biometric Template Storage:**
    - The machine is likely to have a secure database for storing biometric templates, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of identification.
14. **User Capacity:**
    - Different models may have varying capacities in terms of the number of users the system can handle. This is important to consider based on the size of your organization.
15. **Power Backup:**
    - To ensure continuous operation, the device may come with power backup options, such as battery support, to prevent data loss during power outages.
16. **User Authentication Modes:**
    - Apart from multi-biometric methods, the machine may support additional authentication modes like RFID cards, PIN codes, or a combination of these for added flexibility.
In Dubai, the implementation of advanced time attendance systems has become integral to the efficient management of workforce attendance and access control across diverse industries. These systems, including sophisticated solutions like the G3 Multi-Biometric Time Attendance Machine, offer cutting-edge technology for recording and monitoring employee attendance. With features such as fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, and real-time monitoring capabilities, these systems not only enhance security but also streamline HR processes. The time attendance systems in Dubai are designed to comply with stringent data privacy regulations, ensuring the secure handling of biometric information. Their integration with HR systems and customizable reporting tools facilitates seamless payroll processing and comprehensive workforce management. The adaptability of these systems to various authentication modes, such as RFID cards and PIN codes, further underscores their flexibility in meeting the unique needs of businesses in the dynamic landscape of Dubai.icular model.

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