Colored Pencils Pack

Colored pencil sets serve as excellent promotional tools, boasting a spectrum of 12 distinct colors that make them a delightful and organic giveaway.

  • Material: Wooden
  • Item Size : 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm
  • Item Weight: 0.035 kg
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Colored pencil sets serve as excellent promotional tools, boasting a spectrum of 12 distinct colors that make them a delightful and organic giveaway. Crafted from unique, environmentally friendly wood, these colored pencils contribute to a plastic-free world, aligning with eco-conscious values. The set is neatly packaged in an environmentally friendly brown cardboard box, presenting a canvas for customization with your company's branding and vibrant symbols.

Stationery distributors in the UAE will undoubtedly appreciate these promotional items. The wooden colored pencils offer options for both UV printing and screen printing, allowing for the addition of lively logos that personalize the cardboard box. If your business or brand leans towards creativity, these colored pencils can become a powerful tool for brand marketing, aiding in the establishment and reinforcement of your brand identity.

Moreover, these wooden pencils, encased in personalized cardboard boxes, make thoughtful gifts. You have the option to add a personal touch by customizing the boxes with the names of your children, turning them into unique and cherished presents.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from sustainable wood, promoting environmental responsibility.
  • A vibrant and innovative promotional item.
  • Ideal giveaways for young audiences.
  • Perfect gifts for stationery distributors in the UAE.
  • A set of 12 different colored pencils, providing a diverse range of creative possibilities.

Promotional Colored Pencils Pack – The Perfect Children's Gift for School in Dubai


As the school year kicks off in Dubai, the excitement among children and parents alike is palpable. To make the back-to-school experience even more memorable, businesses and schools are turning to promotional children's gifts as a way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. One such delightful and practical gift is the promotional colored pencils pack. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of promotional children's gifts, the charm of colored pencils, and how they make for an ideal welcome-to-school present for kids in Dubai.

The Power of Promotional Children's Gifts

Promotional children's gifts play a crucial role in fostering positive relationships between businesses, schools, and the community. Offering a thoughtful gift creates a sense of appreciation and goodwill, establishing a positive connection from the very beginning. In the context of schools in Dubai, where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated, promotional gifts serve as a unifying factor, bringing children together in a spirit of shared joy and excitement.

  1. Building Brand Awareness:

    • Introducing promotional gifts with a brand logo or message helps in creating lasting brand awareness among both children and parents.
    • Every time a child uses a branded item, it serves as a reminder of the business or school, reinforcing the positive association.
  2. Fostering Positive Relationships:

    • Promotional gifts contribute to building positive relationships between schools and students, as well as between businesses and their target audience.
    • The gesture of giving promotes a sense of community and care, laying the foundation for a harmonious and collaborative environment.
  3. Creating Lasting Impressions:

    • Well-thought-out children promotional gifts create lasting impressions, leaving a positive mark in the minds of children and their parents.
    • In the competitive landscape of schools and businesses in Dubai, a memorable gift can set an institution apart and be a deciding factor for families.

Colored Pencils: A Timeless and Cherished Gift

When it comes to selecting the perfect promotional children's gift, colored pencils stand out for several reasons. These vibrant and versatile tools are not only practical for school activities but also unleash a world of creativity for young minds. Let's delve into the reasons why a promotional colored pencils pack is an excellent choice for school gifts in Dubai.

  1. Educational and Creative Value:

    • Colored pencils are essential tools for various educational activities, from drawing and coloring to outlining and shading.
    • They encourage children to express their creativity, enhancing fine motor skills and fostering a love for art and self-expression.
  2. Versatility for All Ages:

    • Unlike gifts that cater to specific age groups, colored pencils are universally appreciated by children of all ages, making them a versatile and inclusive choice.
    • Whether a child is in kindergarten or high school, colored pencils remain a staple in their artistic endeavors.
  3. Portable and Practical:

    • The compact and lightweight nature of colored pencils makes them easy to carry, allowing children to bring their creativity wherever they go.
    • This practicality ensures that the promotional gift becomes a daily companion for students, maximizing its exposure and impact.
  4. Safe and Non-Toxic:

    • Parents appreciate gifts that prioritize the safety of their children. Promotional colored pencils are typically made from non-toxic materials, providing peace of mind for parents and educators alike.

Welcome to School: Unwrapping the Gift of Creativity

Dubai, with its diverse and dynamic population, welcomes students from various backgrounds and cultures. A thoughtful welcome-to-school gift adds a personal touch to this experience, making children feel valued and excited about their educational journey. A promotional colored pencils pack perfectly embodies the spirit of creativity and inclusivity, setting the tone for a positive school year.

  1. Personalized Touch with Branding:

    • Including the school or business logo on the colored pencils pack adds a personalized touch, creating a sense of belonging for each student.
    • Customization allows for a unique and memorable welcome gesture that reflects the institution's identity.
  2. Encouraging Team Spirit:

    • Distributing promotional colored pencils during the welcome period fosters a sense of unity and team spirit among students.
    • Shared school supplies create a common ground for interaction, helping children form connections with their peers.
  3. Integration of Brand Values:

    • The choice of a promotional gift, such as colored pencils, provides an opportunity to align with the institution's values.
    • For example, if a school prioritizes creativity and individual expression, the gift of colored pencils reinforces these principles.
  4. Practicality for Classroom Activities:

    • Colored pencils are not just symbolic; they are practical tools for various classroom activities, making them a valuable addition to a student's school supplies.
    • Teachers can incorporate the use of colored pencils in lessons, further emphasizing the gift's relevance.

Customization Options: Making Every Pencil Count

To maximize the impact of promotional colored pencils, businesses and schools in Dubai can explore various customization options. From the packaging to the pencils themselves, customization adds a layer of thoughtfulness and uniqueness to the gift.

  1. Branded Packaging:

    • Create eye-catching packaging that reflects the institution's colors, logo, and theme.
    • Incorporate a warm welcome message or a brief introduction to the upcoming school year.
  2. Logo and Message on Pencils:

    • Engrave or print the school or business logo on each pencil, ensuring constant visibility.
    • Include an inspiring or motivational message that resonates with the institution's values.
  3. Color Variety:

    • Offer colored pencils in a variety of hues, allowing for creative exploration and personalization.
    • Customize pencils to match the school's color scheme for a cohesive and branded look.
  4. Incorporate Additional Elements:

    • Consider including a pencil sharpener or an eraser with colored pencils for added convenience.
    • Attach a personalized note expressing excitement for the new school year.


In conclusion, the promotional colored pencils pack emerges as a delightful and meaningful welcome-to-school gift for children in Dubai. Beyond its practicality, the colored pencils embody the spirit of creativity, inclusivity, and community building. Whether distributed by educational institutions or businesses, these promotional gifts serve as a powerful tool for creating lasting impressions and fostering positive relationships.

As Dubai continues to be a hub of diversity and growth, the choice of promotional children's gifts becomes a strategic expression of values and intentions. The colored pencils pack, with its educational, creative, and personalized elements, captures the essence of a warm welcome to school, setting the stage for a vibrant and successful academic year.

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Colored Pencils Pack
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