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We are manufacturer of customized traditional mugs. These mugs are glossy finish. These mugs are perfect for screen printing and comes in various colors.  You can choose a pantone and we will product the colored mug for you (moq applies).

Unveiling the Elegance: 11oz Black Shiny Ceramic Coffee Mug for Screen Printing


In a world where coffee has become a ritual, the choice of your coffee mug can make a significant difference in your daily brewing experience. Among the wide array of coffee mugs available, the 11oz Black Shiny Ceramic Coffee Mug stands out as an epitome of sophistication. Its glossy surface is not only visually captivating but also provides an ideal canvas for screen printing, allowing you to personalize your mug with creativity and style. In this blog, we'll explore the unique features and countless possibilities offered by this stunning coffee mug, making it the perfect choice for coffee enthusiasts, businesses, and gift-givers alike.

The Allure of Black Shiny Ceramic

Let's start by delving into the captivating allure of a black shiny ceramic coffee mug. The choice of black as a base color is not arbitrary; it's a symbol of elegance, mystery, and timelessness. When coated with a shiny glaze, this ceramic mug exudes a lustrous sheen that elevates it from being just a utilitarian vessel to a work of art. Its sleek and modern appearance makes it an excellent choice for those who appreciate aesthetics as much as their morning brew.

The Ideal Capacity: 11oz of Liquid Comfort

The 11oz capacity of this ceramic coffee mug strikes the perfect balance between form and function. It's roomy enough to hold a generous serving of your favorite coffee, be it a classic Americano, a frothy cappuccino, or a rich latte. The comfortable handle provides a secure grip, ensuring that you can savor your coffee without worrying about accidental spills. It's the ideal size for your daily caffeine fix, making it a versatile choice for both home and office use.

The Art of Screen Printing: Personalize with Precision

What sets the 11oz Black Shiny Ceramic Coffee Mug apart is its compatibility with screen printing. Screen printing is a technique that allows you to transfer intricate and vibrant designs onto the surface of the mug. This process results in crisp and durable prints that can withstand countless washes and retain their brilliance.

Here's how the screen printing process works:

  1. Design Creation: You start by creating or selecting the design you want to print on the mug. Whether it's a personal message, a company logo, or a piece of artwork, the possibilities are endless.

  2. Screen Preparation: The selected design is then transferred onto a fine mesh screen, creating a stencil of the design. Each color in the design requires a separate screen.

  3. Ink Application: The screen is placed over the mug's surface, and ink is applied to the screen. A squeegee is used to force the ink through the screen and onto the mug, transferring the design with precision.

  4. Drying and Curing: The printed mugs are then dried and cured, ensuring that the ink adheres securely to the ceramic surface.

The result is a personalized coffee mug that is not only visually striking but also a reflection of your individuality or brand identity.

Endless Possibilities with Screen Printing

The beauty of screen printing on the 11oz Black Shiny Ceramic Coffee Mug lies in its versatility. Here are some exciting possibilities:

  1. Personalized Gifts: Create unique and memorable gifts for loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions. Print their names, meaningful quotes, or cherished photographs on the mug to make it a treasured keepsake.

  2. Corporate Branding: Businesses can use these mugs as promotional items or corporate gifts. Print your company logo and message on the mug, reinforcing brand identity and leaving a lasting impression on clients and employees.

  3. Event Souvenirs: Make your events unforgettable by offering customized mugs as souvenirs. Whether it's a wedding, conference, or product launch, attendees will appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

  4. Coffee Shop Merchandise: Coffee shops and cafes can use these mugs as part of their merchandise, allowing customers to take home a piece of their favorite coffee experience.

  5. Artistic Expression: Artists and designers can use these mugs as a canvas for their creativity. Transform the mug into a work of art, and fans of your work can enjoy it every morning with their coffee.

Durability and Longevity

The 11oz Black Shiny Ceramic Coffee Mug is more than just a pretty face. Its ceramic construction ensures durability and longevity. It's microwave-safe, allowing you to reheat your coffee without transferring it to another container. It's also dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze after your caffeine-fueled adventures.

The screen-printed designs are resilient and do not fade easily, even after repeated use and washing. This ensures that your personalized coffee mug will remain a cherished companion for years to come.

Aesthetic Appeal and Mood Enhancement

Beyond its functionality, the glossy black surface of this ceramic coffee mug offers an aesthetic appeal that can enhance your overall coffee-drinking experience. Here's how:

  1. Visual Pleasure: The sleek and shiny appearance of the mug adds a touch of luxury to your coffee ritual. The reflective surface captures and amplifies the beauty of your chosen design.

  2. Mood Elevation: Your coffee break becomes more than just a caffeine refuel; it becomes a moment of aesthetic delight. The pleasing visual aesthetics can elevate your mood and make your daily routine feel more special.

  3. Conversation Starter: Whether it's at home or in the office, your unique and personalized coffee mug can be a great conversation starter. It's an opportunity to share the story behind the design and connect with others over shared interests or memories.


The 11oz Black Shiny Ceramic Coffee Mug for screen printing is more than just a vessel for your daily coffee. It's a canvas for your creativity, a symbol of elegance, and a source of joy. Whether you choose to personalize it with your favorite design or use it as a corporate gift, this coffee mug embodies the fusion of art and function. It's a reminder that even the simplest daily rituals can become moments of beauty and self-expression. So, go ahead, sip your coffee in style and let your personalized mug reflect your unique taste and personality.

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