1. **Eco-Friendly Elegance:** Serpens Bamboo Pen combines style and sustainability with its eco-friendly bamboo construction, making it an elegant choice for those who appreciate both aesthetics and environmental consciousness.
2. **Smooth Writing Precision:** Enjoy a smooth and precise writing experience every time with the high-quality ballpoint of the Serpens Bamboo Pen, ensuring consistent ink flow for various writing tasks.
3. **Thoughtful Gift:** With its unique bamboo design, comfortable grip, and refillable nature, the Serpens Bamboo Pen makes for a thoughtful and lasting gift, perfect for individuals who value both functionality and eco-friendly living.
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1. **Eco-Friendly Bamboo Construction:** The Serpens Bamboo Pen is crafted from sustainable bamboo, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional pens. The use of bamboo makes it a renewable and environmentally conscious writing instrument.
2. **Smooth Writing Experience:** Enjoy a smooth and effortless writing experience with the Serpens Bamboo Pen. The high-quality ballpoint ensures consistent ink flow, making it suitable for various writing tasks.
3. **Stylish and Unique Design:** With its stylish and unique bamboo design, this pen stands out as a distinctive accessory. The natural grain patterns of bamboo add a touch of elegance, making it a statement piece for both personal and professional use.
4. **Comfortable Grip:** The ergonomic design of the Serpens Bamboo Pen includes a comfortable grip, allowing for extended periods of writing without discomfort. The grip is designed to provide a secure and pleasant hold for optimal writing control.
5. **Refillable and Long-Lasting:** The pen is refillable, contributing to its sustainability. The longevity of the Serpens Bamboo Pen ensures that it remains a reliable writing companion, reducing the need for disposable pens and minimizing environmental impact.
6. **Ideal Gift Option:** Whether for eco-conscious individuals, nature lovers, or those who appreciate unique stationery, the Serpens Bamboo Pen makes for an ideal gift. Its combination of style, functionality, and sustainability makes it a thoughtful and distinctive present.
In summary, the Serpens Bamboo Pen is more than just a writing instrument; it's a statement of eco-conscious style. Embrace sustainability without compromising on quality with this stylish bamboo pen.
 Product Name  InStock  Item Weight(Kg)  Pieces in Pack  Carton Weight (Kg)  Carton Size (Cm)
Bamboo Pen - Black
SKU: 068-BK
  15   0.0100   1000   9.4000   50x32x20
Bamboo Pen - Blue
SKU: 068-BL
  22   0.0100   1000   9.4000   50x32x20
Bamboo Pen - Green
SKU: 068-GR
  On Demand   0.0100   1000   9.4000   50x32x20
Bamboo Pen - Red
SKU: 068-R
  1985   0.0100   1000   9.4000   50x32x20

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