Multi-Colors UV Printing

What is UV printing? 

UV printing, also known as UV-cured printing or ultraviolet printing, is a digital printing process that utilizes ultraviolet light to instantly cure or dry inks and coatings. It is widely used in industries such as signage, packaging, labels, and promotional materials. The process involves printing designs or images onto a substrate using UV-curable inks, which contain photoinitiators. Unlike traditional inks that dry through evaporation, UV inks react to UV light, causing a chemical reaction that rapidly hardens or cures the ink on the surface. This results in vibrant, durable, and smudge-resistant prints with excellent color saturation and detail. UV printing offers quick drying times, versatility in terms of substrates, high print quality, and enhanced durability. Moreover, it is considered environmentally friendly as it produces minimal waste and does not contain volatile organic compounds. While UV printing may involve higher costs in terms of inks and equipment, its benefits make it a preferred choice in many applications.

How does the UV printing work?

UV printing, also known as ultraviolet printing, is a digital printing process that uses ultraviolet light to cure or dry ink instantly. It is a popular printing method used in various industries, including commercial printing, signage, packaging, and promotional products.

Here's how UV printing typically works

Ink Preparation:

Special UV-curable inks are used for the printing process. These inks consist of pigments or dyes suspended in a liquid monomer or oligomer base.

Printing Setup:

The design or artwork to be printed is prepared digitally using the software. The printing machine is calibrated, and the substrate (the material to be printed on) is positioned.

Printing Process:

The UV printer deposits the UV ink onto the substrate using inkjet technology or other printing methods. The ink is applied in thin layers to achieve the desired colors and image quality.

UV Curing:

Immediately after the ink is applied, it passes under UV lamps or LEDs mounted on the printing machine. The UV light triggers a chemical reaction in the ink, causing it to solidify or cure almost instantly. This process is known as polymerization.

What are the benefits of UV printing?

Benefits of UV Printing

Quick Drying:

UV inks cure instantly under UV light, eliminating the need for drying time. This allows for faster production and turnaround times.


UV printing can be done on a wide range of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastics, metal, glass, wood, and more. It adheres well to both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Vibrant Colors:

UV inks provide excellent color saturation and vibrancy, resulting in high-quality, eye-catching prints.

Durability: UV prints are resistant to fading, scratching, and water damage, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Environmentally Friendly:

UV printing is considered more environmentally friendly than traditional printing methods because the UV inks do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and produce minimal emissions.


Illuminating Your Brand: Elzit's Affordable UV Printing Services on Promotional Gifts


In the world of promotional marketing, standing out is key to capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression. One innovative and cost-effective way to achieve this is through UV printing on promotional gifts, and no one does it better than Elzit. Renowned for its commitment to quality and affordability, Elzit's UV printing services on promotional items offer businesses a unique opportunity to illuminate their brand. In this blog, we'll explore the many facets of Elzit's UV printing services, delving into the process, advantages, and the wide array of promotional gifts available at unbeatable rates.

Understanding UV Printing

UV printing, or ultraviolet printing, is a modern printing technique that utilizes ultraviolet light to cure or dry inks instantly. This process differs from traditional printing methods, such as offset or screen printing, where inks are air-dried, leading to longer production times. UV printing ensures faster production, superior print quality, and increased durability of the printed material.

The UV printing process involves exposing the printed surface to UV light, causing the ink to dry almost instantly. This results in sharper images, vibrant colors, and a glossy finish that enhances the overall visual appeal of the promotional items. Elzit has harnessed the power of UV printing to offer businesses an affordable solution for elevating their promotional merchandise.

Affordability Meets Quality

One of the standout features of Elzit's UV printing services is the unbeatable combination of affordability and quality. While UV printing is often associated with premium products and higher costs, Elzit has disrupted the market by making this advanced printing technology accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Elzit understands the budget constraints that businesses face, especially when it comes to promotional campaigns. By offering UV printing services at affordable rates, Elzit enables businesses to explore creative and eye-catching designs without breaking the bank. This affordability factor makes Elzit the go-to choice for companies looking to maximize their marketing impact without compromising on quality.

Diverse Range of Promotional Gifts

Elzit's UV printing services extend beyond traditional paper and cardboard materials, opening up a world of possibilities for promotional gifts. From everyday items to unique and attention-grabbing products, businesses can choose from a diverse range of options to suit their marketing needs.

  1. Pens and Stationery: Transform ordinary pens into stylish and memorable promotional items with UV printing. Elzit's UV printing on pens ensures a professional and long-lasting finish, making them perfect giveaways at conferences, trade shows, and corporate events.

  2. Drinkware: Elevate your brand with customized drinkware, including mugs, water bottles, and tumblers. Elzit's UV printing on drinkware not only showcases your logo and branding but also ensures durability, even with frequent use.

  3. Tech Gadgets: Make a lasting impression by imprinting your logo on tech gadgets such as USB drives, power banks, and phone accessories. Elzit's UV printing ensures a sleek and modern look, turning these gadgets into effective promotional tools.

  4. Textiles and Apparel: Take your branding to the next level by incorporating UV printing on textiles and apparel. T-shirts, hats, and bags can be transformed into stylish promotional items that grab attention wherever they go.

  5. Office Accessories: Enhance the corporate environment by personalizing office accessories like mouse pads, desk organizers, and notepads with UV printing. Elzit's precise printing ensures a professional and polished appearance.

Advantages of UV Printing

  1. Quick Turnaround: UV printing dries instantly, allowing for a faster production process. This is particularly advantageous for businesses with tight deadlines or those planning last-minute promotional campaigns.

  2. High Print Quality: UV printing produces sharp and vibrant images with a glossy finish. The colors are more vivid, and the details are crisp, ensuring that your promotional items stand out and make a lasting impression.

  3. Versatility: UV printing is versatile and can be applied to a wide range of materials, including plastics, glass, metal, and fabric. This flexibility allows businesses to explore various promotional gift options and choose items that align with their brand image.

  4. Durability: The instant curing process of UV printing results in a more durable print. The prints are less prone to scratching, fading, or wear and tear, ensuring that your promotional items maintain their visual appeal over time.

  5. Environmentally Friendly: UV printing is an eco-friendly option as it produces little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This aligns with the growing trend of businesses adopting sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.


Elzit's affordable UV printing services on promotional gifts open up a world of possibilities for businesses looking to make a memorable impact on their target audience. The combination of high-quality printing, quick turnaround, and a diverse range of promotional items makes Elzit the ideal partner for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you're a tech company aiming to impress at trade shows or a local business building customer loyalty, Elzit's UV printing services provide a cost-effective and impactful solution. Illuminate your brand with UV-printed promotional gifts from Elzit, where affordability meets quality in every vibrant detail. Elevate your marketing strategy and leave a lasting impression with UV-printed promotional items that shine bright in the crowded marketplace.